Clean Air And More

Air Purity Limited is an independent air testing company set up in 2013.
Air Purity Limited is a 100% owned subsidiary of New Zealand Underwater Association, the primary point of contact for the testing of Air Purity for scuba dive fill locations throughout the country.

Air Purity Limited is an independent company, distinguished from New Zealand Underwater, to service all aspects of the underwater community

Air Purity Testing

Dive Tanks The principle Air Purity Limited has been founded on is the provision of Safe Clean fresh air for divers, ensuring compliance with strict guidelines to mitigate the risk to the diver of breathing contaminated air and dive injury.

Demand ROC!!

Dive Tanks The Ring Of Confidence(tm) (ROC) is a coloured disc which is affixed to a dive cylinder by removing the cylinder valve and then replacing (this takes place during the annual inspection of scuba dive cylinders.)

Fish Identification Slates

Fish Identification Slates NZUA has asked Air Purity Limited to be the wholesale distribution point for the new batch of Fish ID Slates.

Air Purity Limited will be supplying them to customers at wholesale rates for resale to dive shops and other underwater sports outlets. Place Order Here